No illegal downloads for you

I used to work for an ISP. Being a nerd “on-the-know” one has to read sites like that had a brilliantly interesting article. Just picture yourself being the person who has to care about the customer service being able to take care of customers, the trade is the internet and the choice of method is via phone. The gray area has always been the content of the internet and the legal issues. It used to be porn, the getting it and the usng it was “bad” and the users were ashamed of it, but it was never illegal. Just to let you all in on the know, there is no such thing as “free porn” so do not try to search it, just go for your wallet.

Anyways, the issue at hand is illegal downloading and sharing of content, referred as “peer-to-peer” or P2P. There is a trojan out there, that apparently does nothing else than prevents the access to popular sites needed to find the content in question. How do you deal with this, if you are an ISP? A customer calls:

Customer: Hello, this is your paying customer calling

Customer service agent: Hello

C: My internet is broken

CSA: Completely broken? Can you read your email of access Google with your browser? What is the screen saying?

C: Nonono, they work fine, it is just that some of the net is not working.

CSA: What part of it is not woking?

—long story short, where the Agent has to ease out the truth from the customer—

CSA: Sorry, cannot help you to commit a crime

C: Well what am I paying you for? There is banwith going a waste all the time, I’ve already missed out on three hours of downloading. Fix this issue ASAP.

CSA: Sorry, no can do. Complain to complaints if you see the need, so we can see what we can do

C: No, I am resigning and going to some other ISP that actually enables the use of their service!

In the end, the trojan is still there after changing the ISP, no P2P on any ISP for you, trojan infected computer. The fix is really easy, but who’s gonna do it? Well, I did a service that would take care of this. For 30€ a month, and all of you IT problems, including this, were gone. But that was last year. This year, is different.


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