The 1st day of the househusband

Today is oficially my first day of not working. Having resigned my job to stay at home to take care of the firstborn until such a time when he is fit to go to daycare or such. This will take approximately six months, and this is day one. It started with the usual nightmares about work, issues left open, tasks not done and documents unfinished. Not to mention the projects still going or the ones not even started or planned. The realization that the Q1 result is not affecting my income nor is my problem is slowly sinking in. I pretend not to care by turning off my mobile and not reading my emails.

Today is also the start of the baby-led-weaning-of-the-mom and turning the routine into thebottle. At eight monhs, it is hard, since he has been feeding from the mom exclusively all his life. Food is fun and the mom is for nourishment is basically all he has grown to know. The secret was revealed to me as I was just getting him interested in the bottle, as the wife had to come in the room and sit next to us. I was more than mildly annoyed as my uselessness was revealed in a very real manner. Well, it takes a bit of patience and as we googled, the mom has to be away when the bottle is introduced. The decision between the classic choices, boob or bottle, will be “the decision to make” for a lot longer than he can imagine.


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