Baby Led Weaning, no Forcespooning

What in the name of all things holy is that then? Baby led anything? I’m with 99% of the world on this. The baby is not the one calling the shots. I am hte parent and I know best. Or I used to think that. Let me explain.

Baby led means that the baby can decide what to eat, how much and when. The theory is solid and I am a firm believer. Give the baby a variety of food items to touch and to play before he/she needs it for nutrition. Cut it in size of a baby handfull and present a few bits at a time. More than a few will result in the baby making it a few by throwing the “extra” somewhere out of the way.  This will make the food something to enjoy and there is no battle for eating/not eating or who has the spoon (when it is introduced, both have it).

This theory has proven a success in our family, might not be the same for all, but I am a firm believer. There are great benefits in this

  1. Only making one food, baby has the same
  2. Introducing one ingredient at a time will teach the baby about texture and taste of every item individually. Mix them on the advanced class.
  3. Not pureeing everything gives the baby a chance to learn to swallow, not drink/inhale. No suffocating inthe food bits and coffing is just normal, no biggie, when it happens.
  4. Baby learns about which food suits to the taste or body and which do not. Allergenics can be found from the floor more often than favourites.
  5. Food is fun, better relationship with the baby, better in so many ways

Just to think that baby gets to regulate the intake with moms milk, then later when eating oneself but to have a phase in betweem (forcespooning) sounds a bit daft now, when I think of it.  The baby does not need the solid food until almost 12 months old, only needs it gradually even then and cannot digest any of it before that. Even when the solids can be digested, the nutritional value of a bowl of organic lentil puree is nothing comparing to a load of mothers milk.

Before I came to settle in this opinion, I thought the wife was wrong for monhs. After three days of doing it myself, I have been turned. Baby Led Weaning is the ideal way.

To make the baby eat, is pointless, as the baby will eat when hungry, if food is presented. To teach the baby, to MAKE IT LEARN is the object here. Try everything, explore, make a mess and be happy. This is the way into learning what the food is all about.


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