The slowest internet ever

Upon choosing an internet connection, I had to do a bit of research. Being somewhat in-the-know of the business, I first did a scoop of what is available.

British Telecom – No, because just no.

O2 – No, because trying to be something other than BT, which it is not.

Local small ISP – Ofcourse NO, for so many reasons. Skills, funding, security, caring…

Virgin – Seems nice, good reviews and available without forced stupid landline phone. One of those, medium size package. Yes, they do really have S, M, L and XL as the names of the “packages”. How useless is their product team.

They had reasonable prices and fast delivery as well. Ordering online was quite easy, or seemed so at first. After their pitch changed from Fiber optic to my house to Fiber optic cable to my house to cable to my house but fibre somewhere along the line. The system did try to forcefeed me the landline, as I got to order. Not online anymore, as that needs a landline number (existing or previous- getting stupid at this point) but through a nice phoneperson who answered within seconds. They promised to install it for us, anywhere in the flat, for free. Found a box outside the door when we were moving in. After a selfinstall (thanks you guys), call to the help to activate and some testing, I have to say I am disappointed. They even sneaked a downloadlimit in, which creates a problem as I chose this package because it was limitless. I need limitless, as the net is my lifeline and source of telly. Youtube, BBC iPlayer and online rentals and other sources provide me with all the content I need. I do not need the advertisement flow that you get from normal TV. Since then I have learnt that there is no getting out of the TV licence, if one watches BBC iPlayer. Ok then, ordered the telly and will pay the licence. But back to this broadband issue, this is really sad. Lies in the ads, false promises and underachievement in every way, the line is crap as well. Latency is quite high and the upload is only 10% of my download (advertised speed). Here is a piece of proof.

<a href=””><img src=””></a&gt;

Speedtest pic

Speedtest pic

This is not the sad part. The sad part is that this is the best you can get, best you can hope for, in modern Britain. This is really, as they say over here, A sad state of affairs.

PS: Got a landline in the end, as it is almost impossible to exist without one in the UK. Got one through skype šŸ™‚


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