The move to the island

Just to let everone know, I moved from Helsinki to London in january. Left quite a few friends behind, resigned from a pretty nice and secure job in the eve of a huge recession and basically got off with a wrong foot.

The resignment did not go according to plans, didn’t have a proper going away party, never got around getting references and they made quite a few mistakes on the procedures to terminate an employment.

I turned down all new job offers, as I am to take care of my son for six months or so.

As I was trying to pack the 150 moving boxes, I kept getting invited for beers, people wanted to say goodbye and at the last moment, a friend called to invite me to his wedding party, as he had sneakily gotten married.

After flying to london under a threat of a strike on the pilots, we got too small a car since the rental agencies are unable to deliver what they promise, managed to ram the ton of luggage in it, after two hours of procedures and waiting and trying to find places – got a dog that had shat in the box after 15 hour wait, drove to a friends flat with a broken boiler (makes the house and water cold) and no internet (dispute with the telco aftermath) only to make it to our house after the truck had arrived, carried all the stuff out of the truck on my own (as the help was late) and continue to unload it for third day now as my mother is here for the week helping in the taking care of my son, there is the worst snowstorm in decades preventing the wife from leaving the house, thus barricading herself in the bedroom to do cushionwork-goddamn.I have been sick the whole of january with numerous different things and everyone is driving on the wrong side, using stupid pounds and talking various and interesting forms of english.

Thankfully, the dog has settled in nicely, our house is nice and warm (english standards, call-the-cops-cold in finnish standards) and the pound is ridicilously weak against the euro. You can by alcohol, on sale, from supermarkets, even on a sunday night. Mom is being very helpful and does not mind my tantrums as she is used to them.

Now if only I could get my head around and click with this househusband taking care of the son lark, it would all be nice. Also, the snowstorm could subside. Also the telly and the bookcases could arrive. And the year to get credit rating in england could go faster. Lastly, the english telcos are all rubbish, having a decent broadband and a simcard would be the best thing ever.

Notes to self

– Do not move dogs to or from said island. Any animals in fact

– Do not change your name just as moving countries

– Say yes to easy to do from home job offers

– Do not agree to room and board all your friends for unlimited time in england, as this is a problem with limited resources

– Do not move to the island at all, at least not during winter

– If you have to move to the island, define “have to” once more, just to be sure, and do it when the recession hits.

– Just make sure your driving licence is in order before moving

– Close all businesses, contracts and such before moving. Tak e a couple of weeks before moving, to sort everything and SORT IT. Get a lawyer to stay at the other end, to sort anything you didnt sort.


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