He’s got the Mac



This is my first post from my first mac. I did not get it like normal people do, did not change since the windows box broke down. This had already been ordered, just before the (jealous) windows box broke. When considering how different this system is and how different it feels,  I have to say that there are quite a lot of things that are harder in this world, like opening a bank account.

I went to the local Nationwide today, to open an account. I had waited my three weeks to get everything I need to have and went to the bank. In the island, you need proof of address, current and former, as well as your ID. I packed two of everything and I set up to go. The gas and water bills had first been addressed to “the occupier” which is stupid, as I was told never to pay any bill not addressed to me, in my name. This proved to be hard as both the water and gas people failed to spell my name correctly. I now have the thirteenth and fourteenth utility bills that we have had, finally in my name, to go to the bank with. Proof of address from finland was easier, just the nearest redirected posts and we were off. Only my passport and the official ID card of finland plus 100 pounds and a lot of patience on top is all you need really. It then takes 7 to 10 days to get the card and your set to start applying for more cards as you build your credit by turning money over the account.

It’s like being born again this country. You are nothing, there is no trace of you in the system. You don’t have a credit rating even. This makes things difficult I imagine, as you cannot get an apartment to get an address to get a gas bill to get a bank account to get credit. If you are coming here, pack shitloads of money, patience and above all, a lawyer friend.

After three weeks, I still make a couple of calls daily and an occasional visit to an agency for all sorts of things needing to be taken care of when settling in. Thank Al Gore for the internet, as it makes ordering pizza so easy. I recommend dominos.co.uk to all pizzalovers and webdesigners alike. Anyone making a web page based interface should start the project by ordering their pizza.


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