The baby-in-the-back pack

Littlelife baby carrier is definetely the best thing I have bought since the boy was born. Being able to go pretty much whereever I want is a freedom you cannot imagine, being used to the pushchair or trolley or attack tank of any sort. 

The baby backpack

The baby backpack

Carrying does not feel like a burden, but I am a relatively fit bloke. I can imagine this beng difficult for women or anyone carrying the extra 25 pounds already. For me, the rig with everything is less than a third of my weight, which is the ideal max weight for rucksack carrying for any lenght of time (excluding the army blokes). Also,  adjusting of the various settings to get the weight on your hips with the belt and off your shoulders means it needs to be quite high, but not “over your head”. After a while, I can’t even feel the pack, it is like a part of me. Also, the boy loves it, the steady movement, the ideal place to look for the scenes as well as the security of being on ones dads back. There is plenty of room to carry the always needed kit of food, nappies and clothes. The only tweak I did was adding a little compass on the front to check my bearings every now and then, as I dont mind the walk with this on, but walking the wrong way – I mind.

Toys can be attached on the colourful side straps, but are rarely needed. Unless stopping for whatever reason,  in a train or tube for longer than a few minutes, the baby is not bored and just entertains oneself with the surroundings. Also, I find that stranges seem to entertain the boy as well. Do not mind the complete stranger making faces at you, they are for the baby behind your ear, smiling like a loonie 🙂

So I can now take the public footpaths, stairs, narrow walkways and the odd hole in the pavement without worries. I recommend to everyone, with some reservations though. You have to be motivated and reasonably fit. It is not for small women really, as it gets really heavy really fast when the weight porportions are wrong, ie, more than a third of your own weight is on your back. Also, any history of back or knee problems will become a current issue. Babies who can walk might rather walk and very small toddlers, less than 6 months, might be too small to be comfy in this model.

Otherwise, it is brilliant. Absolutely the best thing a househusband needs. And to tell you the truth, I went straight for this “Voyager” model, skipping all the flimsy skinny models and all the light weight brands. That, I  have not regretted.


One Response to “The baby-in-the-back pack”

  1. Hey, this baby backack looks perfect, and as long as your baby is enjoying time in ypur back is perfect!

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