Left or right, which is it? Right, right?

Leftie, right?

Leftie, right?

On the island, like some other lands of the queen, the steering wheel is on the right and you drive on the left, passing traffic from their right. This is opposite in most of the worlds (other) civilizations. It seems that if you were hanging about and having roads back in the cloak and dagger times, and did not change the way of the old to the way of the new at some point, this is the case. Swedes changed theirs ages ago (overnight), as it was sensible. See the (no doubt swedish) studies in road safety have shown that when you nod off in the wheel, you end up sloping to the right. As you rather sleep on the field with the sheep than as a hoodpiece of an oncoming truck, the way of the queen is inferior. The reason the passing traffic was (or is, in the land of the nothing ever changes) on your right is that as a rightie, your sword used to be on your left. Swords colliding had to be drawn and lives were lost. It was agreed (or darwinism took care of) that one shall let the passing soul from ones right. As we can all agree that in this day and age, the potential lives lost nodding off is greater that off swordsmanship, the way should be renewn – or perhaps we’ll wait for evolution to do it’s thang.  Just as a free tio for any ruling power, a good rule of thumb for any government pending a difficult and potentially costly decision – for anything really – is to do what the swedes did. I guarantee that they have already done it, the first in the world, and they are always right. But I bumped into some swedes in the tube yesterday, talking swedish thinking it’s an encrypted chatter (like finnish). Rather boringly, the (naturally) gorgeous women were boldly talking about boring girly stuff. Anyways, the swedes have clearly left their mark in the tube, as in the London tube (and only in the tube) the light has been shown and the traffic is passing you from the left and you stand on the right side in the escalators. Perhaps this is to avoid the iPods and mobiles, always drawn on ones right, from clashing.


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