NHS – Clenliness if half of faith



I was unfortunate enough to see what the NHS is like in London. Big city and litter, dust, flying rubbish and smoky air is normal in here. Even still, the visit to an Emergency Response unit, ER to you and me, was troubling. The wife had gotten in to receive her yearly attention to the alarmingly regular yearly accident and like a good househubby, I packed the kid to go and we went to see how bad was she got. Thankfully there was no fluids being pushed in nad no monitor to go “beep”, just the slight tipsy wifelet on meds. Then, we were on our way to another hospital almost immediately, only two hours of waiting for the x-rays and meds. Yes, an hour to “hand me that bottle” and another for “can I have that envelope, please”. Luckily, we escaped unharmed. The troublesome thing is that coming from a welfare state, I was accustomed to hospitals that were clean. So clean, that it has a word to describe it. Like a bank is “bank secure”, a hospital is “hospital clean”. Not in here though. Here in the big city, it is filthy. The tube I took to get there, was cleaner than the ER. It was dangerously filthy and by god, I think that this dirt surely kills people. I had a toddler that I just could not let to crawl around, or touch much anything, as that would have been the end of him surely. This is the same toddler who is allowed to go out and about in the nearby fields and frequents craws on our back yard.
In my head an in the world I come from, the way is totally different. The hospital is cleaned daily from EVERYWHERE, this means from top of the window, where you cannot see, on top of the lamps, behind the cupboards, daily. You are not allowed to use wires where wireless is available since the wires gather crap=germs+viruses= wires are death. The floors are sweeped what seems all the time and the toilets washed twice a day, at least.
English hospitals are not cleaned daily, not at all. The dust in the corners is weeks old, the “where one can be bothered” areas are cleaned what seems semi daily. I just saw a document on the TV that showed how only the toilets that seem dirty are sprayed with “the blue stuff” and the instruments to clean are filthy. Or rather an instrument, as the floor, toilet seat and everything else, is “cleaned” with the same instrument. It is like my first kitchen rag. My girlfriend brought the issue up by saying that she cannot see me anymore if I do not get rid of it. I said ok, and she asked innocently, “How old is it”? Little did I know, so I called the guy that had the flat before me (two years ago) and asked. He did not know, as he lived there for three years, and it was already there when he came. Point that I am trying to make: We did not know any better. You do. The cafeteria is spottless, as is the “Buy your way to present your product” and any other display areas. The places where patients wait, see the doc, are treated and get their meds ie where the sick spend their time, are filthy.
I just don’t know where to end this rant. This thing is so far out of control, someone should do what Jamie Oliver did to the school lunches – to the hospitals.


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