Organic as a produce, not as an excuse

I buy organic, but not exclusively. When it is convenient. In finland, anything organic was three times the price of “normal” produce-price. Here in england, it is not even twice the price of the worst produce. You can even get even, if you count the calories and such. On top of that, they can be delivered to your home every week. The problem with organic produce in finland was always the quality of the produce, sky high prices and the poor availability and service of such hippies who tried to make their living like that, desperately. The climate in england is ideal for organic growing, tomatoes grow like weeds over here. I have never ever had a succesful kitchen herbs crop, but the one in here is already showing promise. The veggies here do spoil immediately. I mean, they should, it is just that I for one am not used to that. Finnish tomatoes took a week to ripen, english organic tomatoe rots in a few days. The thing is to buy what you need today. Maybe tomorrow morning, but that is all. Otherwise, it will spoil, trust me. Organic means no preservatives. I am going to grow my own tomatoes in my back yard this summer. The very idea is just thrilling. Different climate indeed, lets make the most of it.
So we have gone from using organic as an excuse to have an amateurish business that serves overpriced crap, to enjoying its brilliant taste, vibrant colours, easy availability and brilliant service – all at a very reasonable price.

Organic veggies box

Organic veggies box


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