WhatHoover: Posh vs Proper

Moving to the island makes life difficult in many ways, not least of which is the different plugs and electrical sockets/outlets. The way of the old is in full practise and even though there has been significant progress from the times when every county had their own socket-type, current and frequency, it is still different from mainland europe. Instead of changing all the plugs on all our electrical appliances, I changed some. I also changed lots of my multiple extensions with to UK plug in the end and lastly decided to just replace some of the gadgets. Hoover, was one of them.

Hoovering became solely my responsibility, as a househusband, so I opted to get a new hoover. This is the part I absolutely love, choosing the appliance. I cannot stress how important this is, as going to choose something that you use for years to come is really important decision. If it works, you are not allowed to buy a new one, no matter how much you want. No matter how much “better” the new models are, there is no getting them. You have to get rid of the old one first. Moving to the island, the plug is my excuse to replace the old cheapo hoover. Always hated how the lid would just pop out every time it touched something, how hard it was to change the bag, which was too small, how annoying was the noise it made and how the cord was just always one meter too short. It was too small, too – crap really – for my liking. New model was to become the ultimate hoover, as I have lots of points and as the sole wielder of the hoover, I was able to make this decision on my own. I wanted me the new Dyson.



My friends have been getting these Dysons, that are really cool. These guys have been in the doghouse for getting a new hoover, missing dinners and having to do all the hoovering for evermore, after spending premium euros on their Dyson. This is a cool hoover, no doubt. Dyson being english and all, all the more reason to get one. There were plenty of models to choose from. The vortex and not having a bag made it cool and practical. It can even tolerate some water and this is exceptional. There was a new model just out, timing was perfect to get me the top Dyson, no matter the cost. But instead, I got a Henry.



I got it from the bottom shelf of the shop, under all the Dysons. If you wanted one, you knew where to reach for it. It is not an impulse buy, no sir. Henry is a big, red, friendly looking hoover. It has a face and the nose is the hoover tube. The model is the same it has been for ages and it is reasonably priced. It has no vortex but a big bag. It is, in fact big all around. Big and red. It comes with all the bits that you could possibly want, some extra Hepa bags and a nice big red bag to hold all the trimmies. Included was a nice how to use it booklet and all. It was just proper all around.

Why go for the Henry then? Well, we did have some past experience on a Dyson and it was not all good. The Dyson broke down pretty quick and the guarantee did not cover it for one reason or another. Clearly a Dyson is not a machine made to work for the rest of my life. My son would just be afraid of it. A Dyson could not live under the stairs and the noise it makes, is not friendly. Dyson is not a hoover one can play with while someone hoovers and certainly – as it is faceless – it would not be ones friend. While the Henry looks nice and friendly, the build is extremely good. It is not russian-simple, not german-complicated or taiwan-cheap. Not british yay another thing we invented but just… proper. In the midst of the Islands traditionally old and silly-as-it-has-always-been, it was a welcome relief. Also, it reminded me of the industrial hoovers that the old builders and cleaners use. Them ones who bought theirs in the 70s. They still use the same ones you know, as they still work. Not because they are not allowed to get new ones. Just simply, as there is no need.

I imagine my son moving out and me hoovering his room to become my study with this very same Henry. Might be that this is my first decision ever, as a dad instead of a lad.


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