Forcing the spoon or just plain eating

I see someone has taken an intrest on my feeding methods. Well, my son is no 11 months old and there is very little mess when we eat, we can eat out without having a prepared meal with us and I think this is really working a treat. He recently had his first sunday roast, that is eating a slice of roast beef, on his own. Ripping it with his eight teeth like a proper carnivore and having a whole apple, with just a start bitten to it, to finish the meal. A few pointers if you want to try this out though;
Choking might cause worry, but you should not worry. Sometimes, when eating, it seems that the baby is about to sufficate on the food. This is nothing to panic about, just do not panic and it will all be over in a second. The baby surely does not mind at all, since it is normal and has always been the way. He has just gotten the food in the wrong tube and is solving the problem. Homo sapiens is not perfect, this would be one of the biggest faults we have, aside from being practically deaf and blind. But more to the point – since the baby is born as tabula rasa, whatever he does and you do with him, he thinks is the way. Do not demonize having some food on the wrong way, it is normal. I solved the panic problem by taking a course in first aid and also had the extra course focusing on the 0-2 years old on top as well. I recommend that to all parents, it really is worth your while. Just make sure never to leave your baby alone to eat and do check every plate for hazards. The mess was really my biggest problem and was really driving me and my wife on different paths on this idea altogether. I just could not stand the throwing the food around and having fun on such serious matter as eating. Well, understanding that it is not so serious but is supposed to be fun for the baby was a start. Then measuring the mess against the trouble of making the purees and just getting non fussed about it was the second step. Finally, I just started to be there but not pay attention. Giving him the food after inspecting the spoonful for hazards, putting it in front of him on the table and just minding my own business and letting him mind his, was the answer. All in all, there is a mess, but not too bad. I mean all in all, it is well worth the effort to clean up after. Get a dog or a maid if it really bothers you. Just yesterday as we were eating out, the waiter spilled some beer on me and while he was terribly sorry, I was happy. It was by no stretch of imagination the worst thing spilled on me that day and gave me freedom to enjoy the dinner not minding about the mess my son was making in the restaurant. As we left, there was a napkin, some pasta and half a cherry tomato on the floor. While it was not really a mess in my book, trying to turn tables during the busiest day of the week and having someone making a total mess of ones table, sometimes aggrovates the managers.
I recently ran into my friend with a similar aged boy who was fussin about the baby choking on the food unless it is abolutely pulverized. He was asking what did I do different to not have that horrible, eating-the-guts-with-worry problem. Well, I just told you. I am still very careful, but the food is not anything to worry about. Food is for fun. Lastly, this forces me to make the food myself. No processed food for my toddler and makes me focus on the nutrients and taste.


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