Gran turismo is such a disappointment

The goddamn game

The goddamn game

Ok, I went and bought the Gran Tourismo 5 Prologue. Just could not take it anymore. The wait of the proper release has gotten the better of me after it has been late for more than a year. I promised myself not to buy any more PS games (I have, but not so many) or consoles (I did not buy this one) after waiting for the GT4 to come for a quarter at a time, for two years. The whole reason for having a PS console was the Gran Tourismo 3 ad. I was drinking beers with some friends, watching telly and the ad came on. Beautiful car was racing in beautiful racetrack surroundings like I had never seen before. Then and there I decided to get myself that game. In front of witnesses and with loud voice. Following morning hangover greeted an anxious me. I got up, went to the only shop on helsinki stocking one and being open on a sunday – the Anttila in the tunnel. Arriving there, they claimed that they had none available, so I demanded to see the manager. He came from a middle of his massive inventory task with an inventory list in hand, which I then stole and started going through to find the PS I was after. He managed to persuade me to give it back in exchange of a secret, behind the counter console. He disappeared behind and after a quick round-up around the shop of the much needed games, steering wheel and memory cards, topped with the stand and extra gaming pad, I was pacing in front of the door he had disappeared in. Sure enough, after a few minutes I was holding one, brand new box of premium gaming hardware. My credit card bounced on the till, the lot was so expensive that the max purchase limit was in the way. Had to get a wad from a hole in the wall to escape with my loot. Took a taxi to home to get there as soon as and the loot was a burden to carry as well. On the way, I just had to tell the cabbie about my recent purchase, he was really into it as well so I invited him in as well. After a few games and a beer, he went back to work and left me to my game. It took hundreds of hours to perfect my skills – only to be ready for new versions.
The wait for the 4 was an absolute agony, the release was a real let down. The game was on its own class of releases of that time, without netgaming (as promised before). Now after a year of waiting for the GT5, I just could not stand it anymore, and got the Prologue of the 5. The clerk on the till warned me, risking his job he said that I should not buy it, as it is disappointing. I explained that I have to get it, I can’t take it anymore. So I came home, readied my family for me getting the telly for hours, spending all my points and all. Opening the box, I find that there is no media inside. There is no disc. I’ll be goddamn if I’ll go and get it. Obviously, it is not ment to be.


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