Pain in the butt

What is real pain? It seems that one forgets what it feels like, how bad it was and this makes the definition between real pain and just plain moaning for nothing – quite difficult. My wife said that giving birth was not that bad, but I was there to see it through, let me tell you, it was bad. One forgets.
I got a pain in my back, from sitting. Started off with a minor discomfort, but I could do little to it, as I was on a plane with my 1-year old finally sleeping next to me. Flight over, came home and it was almost gone. The next day though, it started getting worse. By evening, I could hardly sit and by night, couldn’t lay down, sit, stand or anything, without extreme pain in my behind.

Tailbone, the useless source of agony

The useless source of agony

Or tail, as we used to call it. It seems that we have a few bodyparts that are good for nothing only torturing or killing you, the tail being one of them. Evolutionist say that the miraclous human body has been made by cutting corners every chance you get. Need I remind you that most everything is made by compiling the parts of the cheapest bidders and learning from mistakes. Well, homo sapiens has some useless pieces left over. A bit in the ear, tailbone, some extra tubing in the stomach and such small things. Apart from being really smart, we really have not much going for us. Being smart made us have big heads which makes us born too early, so we are useless for the first year thus should not be put to daycare before we can walk and talk. We are also practically blind and deaf, with very little sense of smell or taste. The biggest fault though is one that bothers us daily. The breathing and swallowing tubes are next to each other, almost suffocating us daily.
Anyways, if you get pain in your coccyx, go to the doctors and do not believe the internet. It won’t take 10 years of anal probing and suffering horrendous pains, some naproxen and paracetamol cured me in 24 hours.


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