Finnish TV-licence

Turha instanssi?

Turha instanssi?

The glorious language of the proper cannot be heard outside of the beautiful country of Finland. Finnish television has finally reached the Internet properly. One cannot watch it legally though. Finnish online TV-stations are not in the net, but rather a huge LAN on the net. LAN being finland. The digital signal can be captured near the border through DVB-T digiboxes, but the online broadcasts are blocked by the routers. Luckily, there is this small company, TV-kaista, who’s owners are battling a heavy battle with the TV-companies.
I bought the service trial for a month, paid my 5 euros through online banking. There is an excellent online service for Finns to do all kinds of applications for government agencies through an electronic post, or NetPosti. I chanced my name and address through it, one could even get a TV licence through a link in the service, to the finnish tv permit payment site. But it does not work, as the address has to have a finnish post code. I tried to get a licence (for my month of trial use), but they have made it impossible. At the same time, they are suing the poor small company. This is truly a case of the big bullying the small. I shall help them.

MTV3 has made deals with the content owners and production companies about the showing of the content online.
MTV is obviously incapable to actually doing it themselves. They the watching impossible firstly by demanding a PC with a Windows operating system to be bought and mediaplayer 10 or 11 to be installed. Secondly, there are restrictions on the content that can be watched abroad. I quote from
“MTV3 Katsomo use from foreign countries

If you’re a foreign user you will notice that you are not given access to all of the material posted on this service. We are sorry for this, but it´s due to restricted rights for these programmes. MTV3 Katsomo is primarily for users located in Finland and many of the programmes are GEO-blocked to the territory of Finland. If you still would like to subscribe to this service you are naturally more than welcome, but you should be aware of these restrictions.”
Also, they do not guarantee that after charging my Visa, I will get any service at all. Any. And I suspect they do not guarantee their bandwith to be adequate to LINX either and I cannot get a broadband that would guarantee my bandwith outside their port in LINX. Now in which consumer agency shall I complain about this bullying? Shall I call the UK watchdogs or finnish kuluttajavirasto. Where is Hannu Karpo now, when I need him?

I shall rat myself to the YLE customer services and lets see what happens. I think I should also contact the kuluttajavirasto about this, no as none of the companies taking my money actually guarantees anu service, just the acceptance of my payment.


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