Vappu, oi vappu

There is no vappu in the UK. People do not know what they are missing. The one day when every finn is out on the prowl, the start of the summer season. You stop being serious, suicidal and depressed and start to go out and about. Vappu is when finns crawl out of their Kieppis (sorta winter holes). Don your coveralls and get ready to party. Backpack full of booze, some clothes and a towel, you leave home with firm intentions not to come back for some days. Then, the vappu happens and you get properly started on the all summer long festival season. Even if there is no need for vappu this much south of the arctic circle, it is something to experience. Anyone planning a trip to Helsinki, go on the 29th of april and don’t leave before the 1st of may. It is well worth the visit and unlike the other great finnish party, Juhannus, to this one – you are invited.


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