Spreading the flu 101

The flu spreads, as we all now know, through the extensive campaign from touching contaminated areas and airborne. The problem in UK is that the country is built to spread the flu. Yes, the open sewers have been eliminated, but the taps on the basins are still one for hot and one for cold old fashioned “touch me touch me” ones. So you wash your hands and touch the contaminated tap? It’s no good, you have to wash the taps first, then your hands. Lots of soap and hot water will do the job. Next, it is the drying of hands. Not drying would be really bad, as getting the hands dry is really the most important part to getting your hands germ free and to stop the spreading. And what then? Push the potentially contaminated button of the dryer to dry your hands. Finally, to get out of the loo, you have to pull the handle of the door, as they open inwards instead of out and cannot be just pushed woth your elbpw. The wet handle, as the previous person couldn’t dry hios hands properly. Ideal germination ground for the virus that was left on the handle by a previous person.
My two cents about ho to get rid of the flu? Fix the toilets. Install no touch taps, get some paper towels and change to doors that do not insist on touching.


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