Pandemic preparation 101 – hoard

The pandemic pig flu is quite possibly nothing to worry about. Then again, it might be akin to “Spanish flu” that killed millions. We live in a big city and the chances of catching said flu are unknown to me, but not to prepare would be foolish. I decided that the risk of doing nothing is greater than the risk of doing something, even if in vain. Just investing (not spending) 100 pounds is the plan I am going with.
Living in finland tought me to always have food for three days for the household. That is how long it takes for the government to get organized in case of shit hitting the fan, so each for themselves during those first three days. Pandemic could cripple the infrastructure as people would be staying home instead of working the system. Therefore I just simply up the hoard to a 10 day stash. On top of this, only some cold medicines, tissues and handwipes. And only a few luxury items, in thinking of what you want when you have the worst flu you have ever had and cannot leave the house for a week. Some tea and biscuits.

About the risk assessment, realization and actions

Risk does not come to be but you took no action
Well done, you were right. You have earned yourself the bragging rights and can mock everyone who did something.

Risk does not come to be but you took action
Well, you were wrong. You are the one who is being mocked now. Hopefully the action did not cost too much and you can live with it.

Risk does come true, but you took action
Well done, you were right to take the action. Now what matters that you took the right action and it was sufficient. If you did, then you should be alright, at least better off than most. There is no point doing this half-heartedly. Do it or don’t, but do it properly, if you decide to do it.

Risk comes true, but you took no action
Well now, you the weakest link – goodbye.

Now if the risk is ultimate and the cost of action is neglible, a logical response is to act, regardless of the propability of the risk materializing.


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