Most typical sight in london

The doubledecker, black cab, post box and telephone booth + the crane

The doubledecker, black cab, post box and telephone booth + the crane

The most typical sights in london are nothing like you might think. Here is a picture in which I managed to capture many of the most common quintessentially Londonese institutions. The traditional Hackney Carriage or Black Cab is often seen in the city. Driven by a person with especially large hippocampus leaves little room for caring of pedestarians well-being. These cabrioles (where the word Cab comes) are not always black, in fact the London cab can be (and indeed are) of whatever colour since there is no rules about it. The sides are quite often plastered in colourful advertisements as well. The double decker bus is very cheap, easy to use, goes everywhere in what seems as a lightning speed. It does not try to kill you and the drivers are very humane. The one thing to remember is the getting of the ticket. With exact change in coins from a machine next to the bus stop. The driver does not sell these and there is no use for plastic money here. The red post box is a frequent sight and they really do look like that everywhere. With quarter of a pound the Royal mail will try to deliver your letter anywhere in the UK, sometime in the next two weeks. Funnily enough, double the money and they deliver anywhere in the world within 5 days. They have an extensive range of services and the ones that are not the absolute cheapest – are really, really good. Basically, move over DHL. Finally the telephone booth is still very much alive here. I have no clue how good or bad the service is, but there are several different companies operating these. They are definetely in use and I would guess that people make collect calls from these when they run out of money. Also, none of the “free to call” numbers are free when calling from mobiles, so I suppose people call their banks or such to whine about stuff, from public phones in the street. As it is free. Finland made the decision to remove even the very last booth last year. The brits might have been slow to act, but are now planning to build a nice Internet hotspot network with the phonebooth network. Finnish telcos prolly thought that someone should think of something to make some use of them, the workgroup appointed did not think of anyone to think anything, but knew that there are some guys who could tear them down… But it does not matter really, the thing that is most obvious and always visible in the town of London, is in this picture as well. It is not the sunny weather, that is rare. It is not the few tourists, as normally there are loads. It is very hard to take an outdoor picture without it being in it. Peeking from the backround, as always, it is the everpresent building crane.


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