People in London

Millenium to St Pauls

Millenium to St Pauls

I have had the fortune to meet various cultures in the same city and I find the spread interesting. Indians are behind the counter, that is any and all counters. Basically, whatever your food is, it comes from indians. It seems that art galleries are mostly taken over by french and frequented by very rude (smoking, farting, spitting and loudmouthing) french tourists. The english themselves work in pubs. It is impossible to go out and about without (over)hearing someones conversation in finnish and there are always japanese and chinese origins about, with their cameras documenting the travel for the holiday to be enjoyed at home. Most common tourist is english, as majority of the popula steer clear from the capital at all costs, only popping over a few times in their life. Most commonly observed are the two american twenty something girls going “oyh my god I waz like so-o…”
Before 9.30 on a weekend, when the city is almost empty and having only the homeless people around, is the best time. The worst would propably (never seen this personally) be before 9.30 on a weekday, as the londoners are around rushing to work. But I like all of them. They are the sight of the city.


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