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Finnish spam, this is rare?

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From Gigi Riva
Subject Hyv? yst?v?
Date Sun, 7 Jun 2009 21:26:12 +0000
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Hyv? yst?v?
Olemme erityisen yst?vyyden kansainv?lisen kaupan yritys. Olemme p??asiassa myyd? s?hk? product.such digitaalikamerat, matkapuhelimet, LCD-TV, Xbox, kannettavat tietokoneet, DV, kuten MP4, Global Positioning System, niin edelleen. kaikki hankkeet ja 12-kuukauden kansainv?linen takuu. Jos haluat ostaa asioita, ota meihin yhteytt? vapaasti, ett? yhti? haluaisi tarjota enemm?n alennuksia ja paras palvelut yritysten yhteisty?t? teid?n kanssanne / yrityksesi. muita huolenaiheita, olet tervetullut visite sivustomme: Ole hyv? ja ota yhteytt? meihin:

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The flag

Posted in Uncategorized on June 1, 2009 by sanaseni

After much trial and error, I finally managed to cast my vote in the European parliament elections. Funnily I have to vote for Finns in the Finnish embassy, even if living in the UK. I wonder if I could vote even if I was living in a country outside of the EU? It seems that most of the candidates are running their ship with the best intentions of their home country first, and the EU as a distant second, making the selection of a suitable candidate that much harder. Thankfully there were plenty of suitable, open minded and well travelled candidates.
I had to vote under a grey and blue flag though. Somehow the embassy flag looked dirty, but there is hope that it was an optical illusion, as the building is really white and it was really sunny. However, the white of the flag should be as white as there is, and this wasn’t.

Flags outside the Finnish embassy in London

Flags outside the Finnish embassy in London

Naturally, I had to whine about this to the embassy.