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Getting rid of an old PC

Posted in green it, product with tags , , , , on May 14, 2009 by sanaseni

Back in the day (90s’) a new laptop was supposed to last for three years. That was before we as consumers decided to want cheaper laptops. The warranties went to one year and the computers broke within a year or two. Then the EU stated that the minimum warranty is two years and dragged the kicking and screaming manufacturers back to sanity. Now they are still kicking and screaming, whining about the warranties not covering wear and tear, so when the cheap as chips hard disk goes bust, your warranty might not cover it. And you lost all your data. And you do not have a working PC anymore. All things concidered, you are in it – or are you?
Had you prepared for the inevitable, the story would be quite different. Your £200 netbook will most likely break, be dropped, spilled over or stolen within the first two years. As this is pretty much guaranteed, you should plan for this by keeping your data safe somewhere and having a mental image what to do then, when disaster strikes.
Get a new laptop. Just buy one, anywhere. If you bought it from a shop, give the shop your old laptop to recycle. If you are squemish about the data on the destroyed hard disk, you can always destroy it some more before turning the carcass in. The manufacturer of said computer is also obliged to recycle it. You can even order a pick-up from your house, the manufacturer has the EUs’ Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment or WEEE directive to obide. They can however, make you pay for the transport or just point you to their recycling center in your area.
Bottom line is, do not bin your old computer, there is no need. It is also bad, as the chemicals are not to go to a tip. And with the legistlation in place, thankfully, there is no need.
I have never tried this, but I will. In fact there is a german company called ALBA who are handling crapped HP’s in the UK. They are to collect them, but the price of the collection is not in yeat, awaiting their offer…